Led in partnership with the house of associations in the 19th arrondissement and the National Federation of Veterans, this project aims to honor those who keep the memory of the 19th arrondissement alive. Veterans of World War II, the Indochina War, the Algerian War and the Bosnian War; wives of veterans; people, such as Joyce Malai, committed to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust: these are all different faces, personalities and backgrounds who all have in common to carry within them a slice of national history and to share it at the local level. During our meetings – in the wedding hall of the 19th arrondissement town hall or in the privacy of their apartment – ​​a dialogue between generations is woven that I seek to transcribe on canvas or in clay. Their memories, their photographers, their medals and distinctions feed the artistic process. At a time when the generation of veterans of the Second World War and the Indochina War is disappearing, bringing these faces to life in multiple formats (painting, sculpture, video, ceramics) is more important than ever.


j.leprevost clemence devienne

Josette Le Prévost

joyce clemence devienne

Joyce Malai

sancey clemence devienne