• October 14 2024
Exhibition of 15 portraits and artworks made in New Orleans in Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers with La Maison des Langues.

• April 27 2022 – April 29 2022
For the oversea festival, exhibition of 24 portraits and artworks made in New Orleans in Le Millenaire, Savigny-le-temple, organized by l’UOMS. Portraits workshops with children.

atelier clemence devienne

• October 27th,  2017 
Exhibition of 4 portraits made in New Orleans at the french embassy with French Louisiane association during a special evening about Louisiana


• September 16th – October 7th 2017
Exhibition of 23 portraits (“At the football stadium”) at l’Embarcadère, Aubervilliers, Paris area.


• May 27 2017 – from 2 to 9 PM
Exhibition of “Faces of Nola”
at l’Embarcadère, concert hall
in  Aubervilliers at the occasion of a one-day event on the history of slavery with debates, films, songs, tales, danse, art exhibition.

clemence devienne-embarcadere