Art performances

I am working on a series of abstract paintings, inspired by the emotions that electro music evokes in me (like Aphex Twin, Black coffee or Chloé Thévenin). It can start on a blank canvas, but also on an already painted canvas, which I am unhappy with. The creative process is physical, sensory, synaesthetic: I put on music and let myself go into a kind of trance where my body dances and paints freely, in reaction to rhythm and sounds. Music becomes painting and vice versa. Sometimes I throw the paint directly on the canvas: it splashes and its energy is captured, as if by chance, on the canvas; other times I use a spatula and squirt the color onto the canvas with a sharp stroke. It is a physical ritual, sometimes violent, which frees me from my anxieties; this sometimes results in snags on the canvas itself, which I cover again with a generous coat of paint. Once hidden, these breaches become part of the canvas, a kind of material memory of this frenetic dance. Secondly, I use a large squeegee to cover the canvas with thick, vertical strata, echoing the technique of Gérard Richter or Pierre Soulages. The end result is a canvas-palimpsest, which contains multiple layers, thicknesses and textures. So many clues that evoke the different stages that have marked the creative process.