Faces of L’eed football tournament


Portrait de Sidi, le 9 Juillet 2017

During the month of July 2017, I made 23 portraits of footballers, spectators and organizers involved with the association EED (Ensemble for Hope and Development). The portraits constitute, as a whole, a testimony to the formidable atmosphere that prevails during the football tournaments organized by the association in Aubervilliers (93) in order to help the youth of Guidimakha, a region in southern Mauritania, On the borders of Senegal and Mali. Each weekend of the summer, French, Malian and Mauritanian teams compete in the field. The matches are an opportunity for more than sporting achievements: they strengthen the ties between the three countries and mobilize youth around solidarity development projects.

The portraits will be exhibited on Saturday, September 16 at the Embarcadère in AUbervilliers (paris area).


The Mauritanian association LEED works on solidarity development projects (health, education, sport and agriculture) aimed at youth and fragile publics (women, unemployed, etc.), in France and in Mauritania. During the summer of 2017, it organizes the Guidimakha football tournament where several teams meet for friendly matches. The challenge of the tournament: to convey important values, such as the notion of engagement in a project, team spirit, work and the passing of oneself through sport.


Portrait d’Ismaël, le 9 Juillet 2017